Welcome @ Liebre Public Affairs

Liebre Public Affairs was established in 2006 and is responsible for all the communication and representation needs of the National Federation Historic Aviation (NFHL) and the European Federation Historic Aviation (EFHA). The members of these organizations all restore, maintain and demonstrate historic aircraft deemed part of the European aviation heritage.

Because the historic aviation community was not represented in political and other influential circles, changes in rules and regulations concerning General, non-military, aviation did not take into account the specifics associated with historic aircraft. This than, raised the operating costs, destroyed the original design or just burdened the aircraft operator with, flat out, impossibilities. All this impedes the real task; saving the European heritage for the generations that come after us!

Liebre Public Affairs talks to the elected government officials and keeps contact with Ministries and Departments that are responsible for aviation safety, rules and regulations. Liebre prefers a personal approach and a sophisticated communications strategy. Currently we are serving the NFHL and the EFHA but you can also benefit.
You too should be heard in places that matter to you! SPEAK! because if you are not heard ........ you’ll probably be forgotten.